About Able Supply

Able Supply has the best priced fill dirt in Central Oregon, and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

At the end of Cinder Butte Road, and a bit north of Lava Butte’s flow, is the quarry for Able Supply.  The quarry covers 52 acres, and produces a wide variety of soils, sands, gravels and rocks.  Kevin Peterman is owner of Able Supply; he’s the one who answers the phone and directs all the operations.Kevin_Peterman

When Kevin was a young man, he knew that he wanted to work with dirt, even as he helped out with the family business.  While he was a student at Bend High, he’d drive a truck load to school, go to classes, and then make the delivery.  Kevin’s father was in construction, and did excavations and preparations for foundations and building projects as he was a land developer in Bend in the 1960’s through 1980’s.

After his father passed away, Kevin decided to give up the construction part of the business and, in 1991, went into the business of supplying top soil, pond clay, gravel, large boulders, and other earth materials for sale to homeowners, contractors and landscaping companies.  He would buy land for a quarry, work it, and after a while, developers would make offers on the land, and he would sell and buy another area.  This happened over and over again, and in 2001, he bought the current quarry.  In 2008, he built his house next to it.

The quarry was created by Brooks-Scanlon and Deschutes County to pave roads for its operations, and was later used by Baker and Cooper in developing Deschutes BS_aerial_01River Woods.  Oregon State University geology engineers did a study of the variety of materials produced by this Lava Butte vent, and were amazed at the quality, quantity, and variety of its materials.  As the work goes on, new materials continue to be discovered.

Kevin has worn out eight Peterbilt trucks in his career, and has hauled tens of thousands of loads of all kinds of materials. He is very customer-service oriented, and believes in being a good neighbor.  He keeps the dust down with a water truck and there is a sign at the exit of the quarry that reminds truck drivers to drive 35 miles an hour, and to not use jake brakes or air horns.  Able Supply was one of the first Adopt-a-Road sponsors in DRW.

With over 40 years of earthmoving and construction experience in Bend and the area Kevin and his team can supply large or small projects with a wide variety of aggregate materials.

Able Supply was one of the first Adopt-a-Road sponsors in DRW.

When you call Able Supply with a question or an order you won’t talk to an answering service or an order taker, you’ll talk to Kevin!  Step one in Able’s BEST Customer Service approach!