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We offer Central Oregon’s largest supply of Soils, Fill Dirt, Clay, Sand, Red Lava Rocks, River and Crushed Rock all in a variety of sizes.We also have landscape boulders.

River Rock

Our river rock is mined from natural ancient river beds that have dried up long ago.The softer rocks have been ground away by the action of the ancient riverbed leaving behind tumbled round rock of extreme hardness.It is then screened to several different sizes and washed in water to scrub the dirt from it. Able’s river rock is of superior cleanliness and natural beauty as we haul it considerable distance to bring you the best, our customer. Yes river rock is available closer but the color is compromised by the deposits of volcanic material intermingled in local dull brownish rock. Able’s river rock has predominately bright gray color with green and red jasper intermingled and some agate as well! All of the river rock is round and not crushed or broken.

River Rock 2 1/2″ – 1 1/2″

Used as decorative – $37.95 Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


 Common uses are for landscaping accents and ponds.

River Rock 6″-3″

$37.95 Per Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Used as decorative, dry creek beds & drainfields.


Crushed Rock or Aggregate

Crushed rock or aggregate is drilled and blasted with dynamite and then crushed to several different sizes.

By far the most desired of which is 3/4″-0″, commonly called “Three Quarter Minus“.

It has fines in it to bind the material together and make it stay in place well.The fines are rock fines (not dirt) created in the crushing process and have an important role in making the material stay in place..

Another base rock is our 4″-1″ crushed gray lava,used in extremely muddy situations to build a foundation of drainage to build up a road or driveway on.It has no fines in it.After a base has been established and when a clean finish surface is desired (without the fines) the 3/4″-14″ clean crushed rock is the preferred alternative”Where does the dirt go that’s in the raw material to be crushed?” You might ask.Well it is rejected by the crusher and called “reject”. It is approximately 50% dirt and 50% rock.This is used mostly to build a pad to pour concrete on.It is not suitable for a driveway material on its own as it will “mud up” if left exposed to the elements.


Crushed Rock – Gray

3/4″-0″ State Spec – 73% Rock 27% Fines
$21.95 Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Used for base on driveways & underneath concrete slabs.  This rock is your “Base Rock” used as a base for other finish rock, if desired on top,but it can be left as is laid down for an economical surface.

Crushed Rock – Gray 3/4″-1/4″

Washed, No Fine Material.
$30.95 Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Used as decorative, walk ways or as finish to driveways.



Arena Sand

Used as Horse Arena Sand
$19.95 Cubic Yard
(12 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Pea Gravel

$37.95 Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Used for decorative walkways

Marble Size Rock

1″ – 1/2″
$37.95 Cubic Yard
(10 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


Used as decorative, pathways, flowerbeds