Fill Dirt – Top Soil

What is fill dirt?

Fill dirt is often used to grade new construction and is usually less expensive than other types of soil.   In the Upper Deschutes River Area of Deschutes County, fertile sandy loam supports abundant crop production. Throughout the state the most productive soils are deep and well drained. They occur on the valley bottoms, close to large streams and rivers. The soils consist of materials that were carried by fast-moving flood waters and contain a large percentage of sand and silt. 

How is fill dirt used?

Fill dirt is usually subsoil (soil from beneath the top soil) and underlying soil parent material which has little soil organic matter or biological activity. Fill dirt is taken from a location where soil is being removed as a part of leveling an area for construction; it may also contain sand, rocks, and stones, as well as earth.

Fill dirt should be as free of organic matter as possible since organic matter will decompose creating pockets of empty space within the fill which could result in settling. Uneven or excessive settling of the fill can result in damage to any structures built on the fill.
A common use of fill dirt is in highway maintenance to build up the shoulders of highways so that the ground on either side of the pavement is at the same level as the pavement itself and that the highway shoulders are sufficiently wide as to allow vehicles room to pull off of the highway if needed.

A second common use of fill dirt is to fill in a low lying construction site to raise the level of the building foundation in order to reduce the chances of flooding. Several massive uses of fill dirt are with improvements to airports or large home developments.

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We offer Central Oregon’s largest supply of Soils, Fill Material, Clay, Sand, Red Lava Rocks, River and Crushed Rock all in a variety of sizes.We also have landscape boulders.

#2 Fill Dirt Pit Run

$8.00 per cubic yard
(15 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


#2 fill dirt is a pit run volcanic sub soil known to geologists as “Tumalo Tuff”. It has tremendous compaction abilities like no other soil in Central Oregon at any cost. It has been used in the local area from this exclusive source since 1950 for building fills such as all the HWY 97 parkway overpasses in Bend and numerous other fills. It is easily machine graded in lifts of 8 inches or more as there are dirt clods in it occasionally of that diameter has rocks.

Like most Central Oregon soils this one has no nutrient value.

Common uses are building pad fill, garage/foundation or trench backfill, berms,etc. where a deeper, highly compactable fill at the least cost is desired.

#1 Fill Dirt 3/4″ Screened

$9.95 Per Cubic Yard
(15 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


#1 fill dirt is the same material as #2 processed by screening and pulverizing the pit run into a 3/4″ minus material that is easier to final grade in thinner lifts. Common uses are trench pipe bedding, elevation grading, landscape sculpting, driveway subgrade,berms, final sub soil grading.

 Garden Planting Soils – Seed & Sod Soil

Geologically speaking, native soils in the Bend area are young and airborne instead of being water deposited.  They do have excellent properties for growing lawns and grasses due to being well drained soils.  The nutrient value is low so this must be obtained from either organic or incorporated means.

Our regular and premium top soils are screened over a 1/4″ screen to remove the larger stones.


Premium Soil Blend-Composted 50/50 Mix

1/4″ Screened
$24.95 Cubic Yard

(12 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


In processing this premium soil we incorporate well aged, decomposed bark mulch from lumber mills into the premium blend at a 50/50 ratio to achieve the correct balance of nitrogen iron, potassium, phosphate and potash that is needed for seeding a lawn.

When growing a garden this premium soil has been used as it is with good result. With Central Oregon’s short growing season a gardener needs all the help one can get so further enrichment is encouraged for vegetable gardening.

Regular Topsoil – Not Composted

1/4″ Screened
$14.95 Cubic Yard

(12 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


This regular soil is sufficient for sodding a lawn.



1/16″-0 Concrete Sand – Gray Washed

$38.95 Cubic Yard
(12 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


This gray washed sand is commonly used for installation of paver stones to finish level the last on half inch of grade. Then used to filter in between the stones after they are set. Ours is the finest size available.

Other uses are play pen sand and yes it does make sandcastles! Also used in concrete mix or for top dressing a lawn.

1/4″ Screened Fill (Bisquick)

$11.95 Cubic Yard
(12 yds = $85 delivery Bend)


¼” Screened “Tumalo Tuff” fill dirt. This material has been approved for “Pipe Zone” by the City of Bend inspectors. The gas company wants this material used for their pipes.

Bentonite (Good Clay for Ponds)

(Measure pond and call for quote)
Bentonite Clay $37.95 cu yd

(15 yards = $85 Delivery In Bend)


Light greenish in color when dry and darkens when wet, Bentonite is a natural earth clay that has been used as a sealant for nearly a century. Dry weight is approximately 1600 lbs. per cubic yard.

Bentonite is perfect for fixing leaks in your water storage areas.

3/4″ – 1/4″ Pumice Soil Additive

$15.00 Cubic Yard
(15 yards = $85 delivery Bend)


Light tan in color these are the pumice stones that are removed and saved from the processing of the #1 fill. They can be used in roadway applications where mud is a problem but should be capped with gravel. Also used as a filler for areas where drainage is desired or in potting soil for drainage.

Common uses are adding drainage enhancement to soils for specialized growing, inexpensive road base, landscape subsoil backfill where a drainage layer is desired.